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You've landed upon FlintHills.photos. It's a collection of photos taken in and around the Flint Hills by Taylor Hunt.

No relation to Ethan Hunt. Ethan hangs with cool people who do voiceovers for Arby's. I'm more likely to be found atop an electric bike with a beat up DSLR in the direct path of an approaching hailstorm screaming something stupid like "this is is going to be awesome!"

Most of the photos you see here happen in and around South Salem township which lies about 7 miles west of the megalopolis known as Eureka, KS. If they're taken on private property I'll never publicly disclose detailed locations unless the property owner specifically requests I do so.

For those of you I've bugged prior to traipsing around your property & taking photos, thank you! For everyone else, I really appreciate not being shot. If you feel like it, at least give me a heads up so I can dress up like Bigfoot wearing antlers & go down in a blaze of Sasquatchian glory.

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